We pay close attention to a truly tailor made service but with a continual unique and exciting edge to ensure that your bespoke itinerary never gets tedious. From exclusive access to venues and events, to a celebrity chef creating a personally designed delicacy for you and your friends at a private dining venue.


We aspire to bring unrivalled creativity to you in every aspect of your life and to help you to escape the ordinary and the mundane. The ingenuity we put into our members' programmes means that individuals can become ambassadors of a truly inspired life.


We individually recognise and enhance each member's passions and interests to create a personally tailored life changing itinerary. At Club ZFU our members are one in a million and deserve the absolute best.


With a devoted team on hand to serve you candidly and with integrity, you can rely on us to meet your every want and need in an efficient and discreet manner, ensuring the highest standards of trust and privacy.

  • mission statement

Our mission at Club ZFU is to enhance your life through luxury and inspiration. With our carefully curated membership tiers, we aim to provide our exclusive members with unique benefits and exquisite perks unlike those you've ever seen before.


Our Lifestyle Ambassadors get to know each of their members individually, so that they can recommend the latest fine dining, travel and fashion events before our members even asked.


Our Lifestyle Designers provide exciting ideas and out of this world surprises.


When you join Club ZFU you become part of an exclusive members' club that offers an unrivalled luxury lifestyle service. By joining, you are entitled to an incredible range of benefits and facilities, with different unique experiences available dependent on which membership tier you select.